Have You Chosen The Best Marriage Therapist?

Your marriage can be saved because of marriage therapy. However, there is also a possibility that it can destroy your marriage. That's why it is best to have the best marriage therapist who can work with you and your spouse to solve all your marriage concerns. When you choose the wrong therapist, this can bring harm to your marriage.

So, what are your indications that you have chosen the best therapist? If there is a progress in your marriage then your therapist is doing a good job. However, there are factors you need to know to make sure that you have landed to a good therapist. It will benefit your marriage and will not hurt it.

 Make sure that your cincinnati therapist is a trained marriage therapist and not just a general therapist. You must know that marriage therapy is different from individual therapy. Usually, a therapist trained in individual therapy doesn't know anything about resolving marriage problems. Marriage therapy is one of the most difficult therapies to do. There can be a high level of conflict in one room and the therapist must effectively know how to handle it. In individual therapy, the therapist allows the people concern to just talk which often lead the session to nowhere. This may be effective for some people but not for married couples. An expert marriage therapist know how to handle the situation even if the couple may argue in front of him or her. A therapist is not good enough when the couple goes home arguing with each other.

The next thing you need to think about is if the therapist work to save your marriage or just neutral. The main reason why you are in a therapy is to make your marriage work and make it better. This is why you are paying a therapist. However, there are therapists who do not think about this. Instead of keeping the marriage, the marriage fails. Like for example, when you hear the cincinnati counseling therapist telling you, "you deserve someone better" or "why stay in your marriage when you are no longer happy?" Consider the therapist as a red flag. You must look another one who can give you something better to say. This will only make you feel that you have made the right decision of leading your marriage to a divorce.

However, there are also some instance when divorce is the right thing to do like if you are in a relationship where you are being abused or your children is in danger at all times. These are only exception not merely rules. The therapist should be there to fight for your marriage. He or she should give you reason to keep on fighting for your relationship instead of giving it up.